Things you should keep in mind while you go for motorcycle camping

Camping in different regions while you’re out on a Moto tour can be an interesting experience. You get to visit exciting places and you are free to venture out into any area without any disturbance. Though it can be fun there are few things that you need to keep in mind as it can help in staying safe and make the journey even better:

Tents for shelter

When you buy a tent for motorcycle camping, make sure that you go for a light weight tent that can be carried easily. One of the easiest methods that has been tested by motorcyclists from time to time is tying the ropes between two stationary objects and having the tarp ready. Once the foundation for the tarp is ready you need to tie its corners down and you are ready with a basic shelter. Make sure that you don’t select a site that has trees overhead.


Don’t compromise on food while you’re out camping. Just because you are in a camp and riding on a bike does not mean that you will starve. While you travel through the road you will see various neighborhoods that have huge amount of food stores. It is still difficult to carry snacks while you are out on a bike. The best way is to take a halt at a good food store and eat a proper meal. Even if you want to buy something to eat then you can go for some energy providing snacks that can be carried easily.


Selection of clothes depends on the route that you would be going through. You know it best what would be easier to carry and what would be difficult. When it comes to basics just carry simple t-shirts, jackets and sweat shirts. Comfortable flip-flops and sneakers are also known to be pretty good when you are out on bike camping.

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