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Top places for motorcycle trips in Colorado

For those who love to rush the wind through their face and count the engine in CC, these are some of the best areas to go out on a Moto trip. When you’re on a motorcycle trip don’t miss out on the adventure and the scenic beauty of some of the best highways in the world. Colorado is one such region of North America that gives enough options to the regular motorcyclist to have some fun along the historic byways. Some of the famous routes that you can try out while you’re traveling in Colorado are:

Trail Ridge road: It has some of the best views that you would get anywhere in the world. You get to see a clear view of the beautiful Rocky Mountain National from the top. Throughout this route, you get a beautiful view of lush pine trees and rocky peaks. It is one of the highest paved byways in the United States. The ride is quite adventurous with the presence of small twists in the straight ways and the bighorn sheep, elk, etc. are some of the common visitors in the surrounding areas of the cliffs. The bushy tundra region with small grass blends well with the giant peaks of this cliff.

San Juan skyway: This historic byway gives you the option to ride on the “Million Dollar Highway” in Colorado. The mix of gray and purple colors looks as if someone had painted this area. There is rarely any area that can match the experience of a motorcycle trip on this mountain. The passes that are present over here are more than 11,000 feet above the sea level. Bikers are advised to have a proper training before going through this pass as it can be really dangerous on top. Just like you would need the help of a professional pole barn builder to build proper pole barns, similarly, you will need the help of a professional trainer to teach you riding on such high altitude byways.

Mount Evans: The roads on Mount Evans rise at an altitude of 14,130 above the sea level. It is a historic mining area in Idaho that consists of magnificent glacier cut views. The rocky peaks are quite sharp and once you enter the roads of this peak you are greeted by huge pine trees. You need to go south from Highway 103 and reach Highway 5 to reach the entrance. There are some areas where the guardrails don’t appear properly and one must be cautious while riding on higher altitudes.

Frontier pathways: The ride around this pathway blends a nice experience through the town of pueblo, west cliffs and ends right near the Colorado city. This area was frequently visited by the prospectors, ranchers, fur snatchers and famous explorers of Spain and America. Today this cultural crossroad is frequently used for various motorcycle rides and people love to experience the prairie butts and stunning views across the mountains. When you’re around the Westcliffe, you get to see some of the most amazing views in own.

Planning out long distance Moto tour trips

Long distance motorcycle trips can be really exciting as it helps in exploring new areas on the go. Though it can be really exciting to plan out a Moto tour, it is important to plan it out properly. It is quite different from a simple road trip and you should keep in mind that you have lesser storage options when compared to a car. Make sure you have the following things ready before you go for a long distance motorcycle trip:

Install a luggage rack in your motorcycle

Backpacks won’t help you carry everything you need for your trip. They can be great for a small day trip but backpacks are never a good option for long journeys. A luggage rack acts as the best accessory for long distance journey and it can be a great travel partner. You can keep almost everything that you require during your trip and travel at peace.

Carrying comfortable motorcycle suit

Getting wet can be a really uncomfortable and unsafe condition during the journey. There are times when you might get wet and you would be encountering cold conditions. Always remember that when you are on a long journey you need to be at the peak of your health. Buying a cool motorcycle suit can be one of the best options to keep yourself safe. It plays a vital role when the weather gets worse.

Having a thorough motorcycle check up done

This is one of the most crucial points when you are out on a Moto tour. Having a proper servicing done and going for a thorough check is important whether you go for a small trip or a long distance journey. You cannot compromise on your safety wherever you are. Being prepared and taking precaution can help in enjoying the journey to the fullest.

Things you should keep in mind while you go for motorcycle camping

Camping in different regions while you’re out on a Moto tour can be an interesting experience. You get to visit exciting places and you are free to venture out into any area without any disturbance. Though it can be fun there are few things that you need to keep in mind as it can help in staying safe and make the journey even better:

Tents for shelter

When you buy a tent for motorcycle camping, make sure that you go for a light weight tent that can be carried easily. One of the easiest methods that has been tested by motorcyclists from time to time is tying the ropes between two stationary objects and having the tarp ready. Once the foundation for the tarp is ready you need to tie its corners down and you are ready with a basic shelter. Make sure that you don’t select a site that has trees overhead.


Don’t compromise on food while you’re out camping. Just because you are in a camp and riding on a bike does not mean that you will starve. While you travel through the road you will see various neighborhoods that have huge amount of food stores. It is still difficult to carry snacks while you are out on a bike. The best way is to take a halt at a good food store and eat a proper meal. Even if you want to buy something to eat then you can go for some energy providing snacks that can be carried easily.


Selection of clothes depends on the route that you would be going through. You know it best what would be easier to carry and what would be difficult. When it comes to basics just carry simple t-shirts, jackets and sweat shirts. Comfortable flip-flops and sneakers are also known to be pretty good when you are out on bike camping.

Some of the most exciting roads for Moto tours

Spring is known to be the most exciting seasons for a Moto tour. That being said avid bikers can go out for a ride without being concerned about the climate. People just love to go for biking on long routes around some of the most beautiful highways. There are various regions around the world that can provide one of the best experiences for a biker to go on Moto tours. Some of the roads that are known to be the best for tours are:

Southern Missouri highway –Ellington to Houston

Located in Southern Missouri this is a 65-mile stretch between Ellington and Houston. It provides some of the most beautiful scenic views through highway number 106. There are lots of hills and conservation areas situated in this region. One should make sure that they take a halt at “Alley Springs” as it is considered to be one of the most beautiful areas in this route.

Arkansas Pig Trail

This one stays right at the top when it comes to Moto tour roads in the US. With its sharp turns and beautiful cliffs, you would surely go through a thrilling experience. It is also known for its recreational activities as there is regular camping, hiking and rafting adventures going on in this route. If you are in Arkansas you should not miss out on the pig trail as it is one of the most beautiful and thrilling highways of this region.

Death Valley Run

If you’re in love with solitude and desolation then this area is for you. Though the name sounds a little dangerous for going on a biking trip but this region gives an exceptional desert ride to the adventurous bikers. People who love to go on a tour around the Appalachians should try this route and they would love it for its interesting roads.